Sach Ka Safar

A documentary and Street talk with Street children in Such ka Safar by Iqbal Hussain/ News One TV



  1. DILSHAD KHAN says:

    Iqbal Hussain
    you are doing great job send me you phone number or information i just watching new karachi zakia bagum and others may be we can do some thing little bit little bit zakat or some thing please contact me thanks

  2. Nimra Tanveer says:

    how can i contact you? i want to knw the areas you show on your show. and i want to donate and help people over there. please contact me

    • media says:

      Dear Ms Nimra: Can you clarify? You want the contact details of Iqbal Hussain or ChildRights.TV. Many thanks.

      • Haroon says:


        My family and I are interested in making a donation, but we want to make sure that it goes to the right people. Could you please forward Mr. Iqbal Hussain’s personal email address or phone so we can contact him?

        I thank you in advance.
        Kind regards,


  3. Mrs.R.Ghayur says:

    Mr. Iqbal Hussain. Just watched you on Aik Naiki (TVONE) I’d like to donate but not directly. Could you email me and if possible give me a contact number? Thanks

  4. Umbreen omer says:

    Mr Iqbal hussain.just watched ur programme on 15 aug reg nafeesa bib.can I please have their contact details as missed that on tv.

  5. adnan muhmmad says:

    salamm iqbal bahi i like your program sach ka safar you are great iqbal bahi you doing great job please your contect iam your big fan take care good self iqbal bahi thanks adnan from spain

  6. jawed sidd says:

    We appreciate your program Such Ka Safar regarding the poorest of the poor population of BALDIA TOWN,KHI. Specially about 98 year old lady and burned victim Shamim who wants to find a job for Rupees 4000 per month…..SUGESSTION: We will sugesst you all to start a program like ADOPT A CHILD” or ADOPT A SENIOR CITIZEN OF PK. All the Pakistani origin,who are living in U.S.A. and other Overseas countries all over the world will sponser such families. We reassure you all that all those children and senior citizens will be adopted by many people, who are living in U.S.A or other countries. They will pay a monthly stipend of Pakistani Rupees 4000 per month, which is only Fifty US dollars in USA……:)9-18-2011

  7. Nagii says:

    Hi !
    i want to have contact with TV program SACH KA SAFER, if anybody know about contact information please mail me, i will be very happy and greatfull

  8. Omer waheed says:

    Aslam O Alykum,
    Iqbal bhai,you are doing a great job. I saluate you for your researh shows and wish you a very calm and Happy life. May ALLAH bless you and give you Ajar for your good work to betterment of Pakistani society. JAZAKAALLAH

  9. Henna says:

    I am doing reach on black magic do to my study: And i have seeing program about black magic Such ka Safar I need to contact Iqbal Hussain for more information: Plz e mail needed thanks

  10. hasnat says:

    I am hasnat, a pakistani, currently in australia. I really like Sach ka Safer by Iqbal hussain…. its such a thought provoking program….. Iqbal Hussain is such a great Human, I really apriciate the way he Hilights the problems of the have nots of society….I am a Feminist Economist, and especially like the Iqbal’s programs that address the gender inequality issues. Could somebody please provide me with the contact details of Iqbal Hussain… so that i may be able to talk with him and we could move forward to help these people coming out of the problem trap

  11. Fareeha says:

    my name is fareeha today i was watching ur show and i fell into tears ur doing a great job i really appreciate that….well i want to say something now at this time i am in America but when i will come back i want to do something like that is there any possibility that i can do something like that i have seen alot of things like this happening around me if there is any possibillity plzzz js email me …..i really want to do something like that for my country so that i would have some aim in my life thanks……looking forward for your email

  12. rizwan ali says:

    Dear Iqbal Hussain
    I am watched your programm sach ka safar of Shamim Iqbal. so I am very effect that Shammim Iqbal. I will marriage that girl. Please you contact her. and semt my proposal. ok thanks
    bye Allah Hafiz

  13. muhammad saleem says:

    please sir give me your mobile no i am pakistani working in dubai mine no 00971557279100

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